Photo Potpourri – Week 1

Let’s be real: not every picture I snap on my phone deserves it’s own blog post or even Instagram upload.  Nonetheless, some of my favorite photos to look back on are of the little things.  I’m talking about the meals, drinks, funny posters, funny people, etc. that fill the holes in what will someday become a diffuse spiderweb of memories of our time here.  For that reason I am going to try to post a little collection of the misc. photos we take every week!  If you follow me on Instagram or are [un]fortunate enough to receive my Snapchats you may have seen one or two of these before.

Week #1: 6.3.2014 – 13.3.2014


1. Quote from the Dalai Lama on the wall in Little Tibet where we had dinner on our first night.

2. Random picture of a street in Kreuzberg (the neighborhood we are currently living in).

3. The Fernsehturm aka Berlin TV Tower – it is the 4th tallest freestanding structure in Europe!  There is a restaurant in the ball that rotates!  We will have to go up it sometime.

4. Currywurst!  Essentially a hotdog covered in ketchup mixed with curry powder.  It’s one of the signature street foods in Berlin, so much so that every mayoral candidate is photographed outside a currywurst stand!

5. Yes, that is a real compact disc.  My awesome music loving friend Anna made this mix CD for us!  She also drew the cover and included lists of things to do and not to do in Berlin.  She’s the best.

6. Aloe drink!!!  I used to get one of these deeeeelicious Korean beverages every time we went to the ethnic supermarket in VA.  We were thrilled when we found an Asian food market here in Mitte!  The drink is flavored like aloe with little cubes of coconut floating in it.

That’s all for this week!  Bonus: you can now count to six in German. 🙂


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