Photo Potpourri – Week 3

This week was pretty quiet – we didn’t do much other than look at more apartments and then crash on the couch afterwards.  But, the weekend brought more excitement, which was in part due to the fabulous weather!  We did a little sightseeing (I’ll post about that later), hung out with new friends, and finally saw one of our favorite bands live.  Here are some of the highlights!


1. A line of brick marking where the original Berlin Wall once stood near Bernauer Strasse (where the GDR first began building).

2. Recognize this art??  The East Side Gallery is a long stretch of the wall that was left standing and is now a ‘gallery’ of street art and graffiti.  This section is painted to represent Pink Floyd’s The Wall album/film.  Last year we saw Roger Waters perform it live in DC as a sort of stage show/concert with crazy visual effects and it was incredible!

3. On the eastern side of the East Side Gallery there is a large memorial for peace in Korea.  Unfortunately the signs around the memorial were only in Korean & German so I’m not really sure why the memorial was constructed but I assume it has to do with anti-communist sentiments.  The main structures of the memorial are large vertical rectangles covered with silver stuff (thin wire?) with fluffy balls caught in the coils…I really don’t understand it but maybe if I could read the signs it would have made sense! 🙂

4. The abandoned Tempelhof Airport now functions as a gigantic park and is a favorite weekend spot for Berliners.  The entire airport has been left untouched, including the terminals which are open for tours.  The long runways serve as a playground for kids & adults who bike, skateboard, roller skate, and even windsurf!  Thousands of people gather on the grassy areas to BBQ with friends.  It’s a pretty amazing sight to see and experience.

5. The sunset over Tempelhof.  The airport is so large that it’s like being at the beach – all you can see is open space all the way to the horizon.

6. Our first concert in Berlin was one of our favorite bands, Broken Bells.  The two main guys behind the group are also in other popular bands so they don’t tour together very often, so we jumped on the chance to finally see them live!  It was a great show at a great venue that reminded us of our DC favorite, the 9:30 club.


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