Photo Potpourri – Week 6

Happy [belated] Easter, everyone!
I hope you had a great holiday with lots of family, friends & candy.  Holidays away from home, whether in Germany or Virginia, are always a little bittersweet but we had a pretty awesome time last weekend.
One huge plus of living and working in Germany is the vacation time.  Legally, every person employed full-time gets a minimum of 24 vacation days.  For real.  Ready to start looking for work overseas now?
For our first vacay weekend we decided to head down South.  We spent 3 nights in the picturesque town of Bamberg before heading back north for a stop off in Leipzig, a small city near Berlin.  I have lots of photos to share with you all later but here are a few snapshots from our holiday weekend!


1. Beautiful Bamberg!  We loved this little Bavarian town.  One really cool thing about Bamberg is that it wasn’t destroyed in any of the wars, which is kind of rare around here.  More on Bamberg will be coming soon!

2. German food is generally not my favorite.  However, when it’s done well it is soooooo good.  And giant slabs of meat smothered in gravy are what they do best!  This plate was from Gaststätte Kachelofen, a super cool restaurant in the old city.  Definitely eat there if you’re ever in Bamberg!

3. Bamberg is known for it’s many, many breweries.  We were told that there are nine breweries in the town and ninety in the surrounding area.  I think we managed to hit up 4-5 of them.  Our favorite was the Rauchbier (smoked beer) from Brauerei Schlenkerla [not pictured].

4. Happy Easter from the Freas’s!  Or Freas’?  Freases?  Who knows.  Anywho, we spent Easter Sunday in Leipzig.  We chilled in a park listening to a band play show tunes and pigged out on sausages and ice cream.

5. I got a kick out of this giant gold egg-shaped thing in Leipzig.  It seemed very appropriate for the holiday.

6. Leipzig had a really cool renaissance-type fair going on last weekend!  They had local beer and food specialties to enjoy outdoors, fun activities for kids, and costumed workers playing music.  I love stumbling across these little markets!

Alrighty, time to go edit a ton more photos! 🙂


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