“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”
– St. Augustine

I’m Meghan, welcome to my European adventure.


I am a recent expat from the USA now living in Berlin, Germany with my husband.

I’ll be posting mostly about our life in Berlin including: tips on places to see & things to do in the city, my favorite food and drink spots, and the occasional post about our travels to other lands.

My hobbies include eating food, cooking food, watching TV, hitting the gym, and more eating/TV watching.  You’ll sometimes see bits of these activities pop up in my posts.  I also like taking photos of fun, funny, or beautiful things in my life and sharing them with my family and friends.

Love food?  I leave restaurant reviews on Yelp – check out my reviews here!

Love beer?  Me, too!  I always log my beers and leave reviews on Untappd!

Lastly, in case you’re not a native English speaker, my blog title is a combo of the word magnanimous and my name (Meg).


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